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The Team

Matt – Customer Services

Matt covers the customer service side of iQFoil and is happy to help answer any queries you may have. Matt himself is a keen windsurfer, previously competing within T15 and now being well into his foiling – he can be frequently found sailing the south coast. This technical knowledge and experience is what makes him such a valuable member of our team.

Sam – Warehouse

Sam has been working in the Tushingham warehouse since the beginning of 2014. Within this time he has gained a huge amount of product knowledge and now knows the industry like the back of his hand. Sam will ensure your iQFoil orders get to your door quickly and safely.

Paul – Brand Manager

Over twenty years in the windsurfing industry has given Paul experience in all areas of a distribution operation. Now overseeing all things Starboard and Severne, including iQFoil products. Paul’s windsurfing exploits include battling storms, national level slalom and blitzing down the speed strip at 45knots. Foil windsurfing has become a light-wind pastime clocking in hundreds of miles on his Hyperglide and Foil race board.

Jaz – Marketing

Jaz is a keen watersports enthusiast, running Severne and Starboard marketing for the UK & Ireland, offering dedicated support for riders, events, clubs and shops, including nurturing grassroots foil racing.
The iQFoil equipment selection decision for the 2024 Olympics was like music to her ears: she’s excited to watch the evolution of foiling and see the progression of the next generation of potential Olympians. 

James – Operations

James manages the logistics and overall operations for iQFoil. Overseeing the period between production and UK delivery. Having worked for Tushingham since 2015, he has experience with all sports and disciplines that we offer. He has been windsurfing over 20 years and although wave sailing is his main focus, you will often see him drag racing on foiling equipment across the south coast.

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Please note we are distributors of the iFoil in the UK & Ireland ONLY. For other countries please contact your regional distributor.

About us

Tushingham Sales Ltd – Distribution of the iFoil for the UK & Ireland

Tushingham is a dedicated watersports distribution company within the UK – with over 30 years’ experience in the watersports industry. We take pride in our service and supply only the products we regard as the very best of their kind and that we ourselves would use.

Over four decades in the windsurfing industry has given us a wealth of experience both as a manufacturer with Tushingham Sails and in watersports distribution, where we’ve worked closely with Starboard for over twenty years to meet the demands of windsurfers at all levels up to World Champion.

The decision to approve windsurf foil racing for the 2024 Olympic Games has brought more excitement amongst competitors than anything else we’ve seen in windsurf racing. We’re delighted to hear that the iQFoil package from Starboard and Severne was selected for both men’s and women’s windsurfing fleets.